De'Aaron Fox hits first career game-winner to push Kings past 76ers

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De’Aaron Fox is a guy with absurd levels of confidence. Everybody’s confident, but Fox is one of those guys who not only thinks he’s the best player on the floor at all times, but believes every shot he takes is going to go in. 

Which is why, with the game on the line, there is nobody the Kings would rather see take it than Fox. Down one, Sacramento needed a bucket so they turned to Fox. He delivered with his first career game-winning basket. He might be a rookie, but he never looked more natural than in this moment.

The 76ers had a chance to win it, but the attempt by Joel Embiid came up short. This was the second time in the closing moments that Embiid couldn’t get the bucket he needed thanks to Sacramento’s defense. The Kings had a huge stop on Embiid the possession before.

These two play again in December. Embiid will be looking to get Sacramento back and Fox will just keep being his confident self. If it’s even half as fun as this game was then the fans will be in for a show.

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